First Last Day

Today was Everett’s first last day of school (not to be confused with his prior graduation from school, which wasn’t as final as it sounded at the time). Chris took him to school on the bike and dropped him off like any other normal school day. At pickup time, Ms. Erin was hugging Everett and saying we couldn’t take him. His time there has been a great experience for all of us. Everett recognizes there are people he is going to miss but seems to take all of it in stride. In about a month he starts 4K at his new school. It’s a brand new school and to be honest we aren’t sure how organized they are. But we were able to find a good bike route there so should be able to continue the morning commute on the Bakfiets. The major difference will be that we have to be there by a certain time every morning, whereas with preschool the arrival time was flexible.

Everett’s last day of school was also Melissa’s birthday.
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To celebrate we had family movie night: Star Wars and Ethiopean food from Alem. For her birthday cake Melissa has always asked for a yellow cake with chocolate icing. However, this year she decided to make a rainbow cake but lemon cream frosting.

It was delicious!

Happy Birthday Melissa/Mom!

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