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Everett turned two years old on June 7th. In the weeks leading up to his birthday we started talking to him about age, that he was then one year old but on his birthday he would be two years old. This eventually sunk in because on his birthday he started patting his chest and saying “I’m two years old now.” For his birthday celebration we planned a party at Jacobus Park on the morning of June 5th. Photos from the party and from our own family celebration on his actual birthday are here. The party was a success in many ways, and made us realize how many friends we have made since moving to Milwaukee. It also made us realize what a bonding experience children can create among parents. Including setup, party and cleaning we were at the park for about 4 hours and Everett wanted to spend about three of those in the swing.

Later that day we gave him a farm set as a gift, the kind that Melissa and I both used to have as kids. It comes with several animals, a tractor and a barn that makes a mooing noise when you open the door. After a few minutes of playing with it Everett picked up an animal and said “This pig needs a helmet”.  We weren’t exactly sure what he was talking about until he crashed the trailer containing the pig into the tractor, and the pig went flying across the room. This is the first time we have ever observed this type of behavior, though not exactly sure what to call it.  Is this “boy” behavior?  We don’t know if such descriptions are accurate or helpful, but it’s probably not something he learned from us.

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