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In this blog entry, rather than blathering on about dairy laws, neuroscience problems or Wisconsin oddities I will just share a few recent photos and movies clips of Everett. We know why you’re here. What follows is a pretty random assortment…

Everett’s attitude toward walking has been similar to crawling: leisurely. We have known since April that he can stand on his own, and lately he has been interested in walking while he holds our hands, but it has only been in the last week that he really took an interest in walking solo without immediately reverting to crawling (which he has become amazingly fast at). This video shows a little of each.

In the first half of this you may notice that E is wearing some kind of nouveau dance onesie, and those of you who have little ones may lament the fact that all sorts of fabrics and colors are available for little girls’ clothing but the choices for young boys seem limited to Darth Vader meets NASCAR. This outfit and many others that we like as well are from Sweden.

In the photo at top E is performing Saturday Night Fever during Oktoberfest at the Bavarian Inn. Moments later he does his Wallace and Gromit imitation (for those of you who have not memorized every W&G scene we have included a reminder):

Too many goldfish…

E makes a call on his cordless wood chip:

Posing for next year’s Harvest Fest poster:

Digging in the dirt with Nora at the Harley Davidson Museum:

Two hands are no longer necessary for drinking milk:

Lastly, Wisconsin is well-known for agriculture and also has some great bicycling. What do you get when you put them together? The bike-tractor pull! I think Everett could be a strong contender at this in a year or two, and in the meantime we will keep feeding him cheese. Stay tuned…

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