For most of my adult life (Chris speaking) I have known coworkers who proudly displayed their children’s artwork on their office walls. And this has generally elicited the same feeling I get when I see a critically acclaimed exhibition that doesn’t resonate with me: I understand that someone thinks this is worthy of public display, I just don’t get it.  But what a different experience it is for the artwork that Everett has made! These are truly masterpieces, with many interwoven layers of complexity that could be difficult to understand for someone who is not properly trained. This is surely a result of witnessing the dramatic development that has occurred in such a short period of time, such as the fact that he couldn’t walk or talk a couple years ago but is now exploring his creative abilities. And it is possible that parental pride has tainted my objectivity when it comes to matters involving Everett, but I doubt it. Here is a gallery of some pieces we have collected, along with photos he has taken with his Kidzoom digital camera. This artistic work was supported and encouraged by his benefactors: his painting easel was a gift from Noni, and his digital camera was a gift from Gabby and Grandaddy.

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