On Monday this week Everett started Safety Town, which he will attend for an hour an a half each day this week and next week. So every afternoon he puts on his Safety Town shirt, sunscreen and bike helmet, and walks to school with Melissa.
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He is EXTREMELY excited about it, perhaps because he senses that this means he is one of the big kids. Also, Melissa talked up the fact that she went to Safety Town when she was young (Chris never attended, which is perhaps why he eats leftovers that have been sitting on the counter overnight). A few other possible reasons he is excited:┬áhe is inquisitive; he enjoys a sense of belonging with groups; he seems to find comfort from developing a sense of structure about the world; he is an enforcer, and this class will give him plenty more things to enforce. Interestingly, since all this talk about Safety Town started Melissa and Chris have independently started singing “Won’t you take me to…Safety Town!”, which is sung to the tune of Funkytown by Lipps Inc.

On a somewhat related subject, we are in the midst of a drought that is becoming severe. We haven’t mowed our grass since June 6th due to the heat and lack of rain. Most of the grass in our area is brown and crunchy, and many types of plants are not doing well. There are few insects this year, which is good and bad. We don’t miss the mosquitos but it has been a challenge to find flash bugs. As of today there are burning restrictions and watering restrictions in a large area of Wisconsin, and in some areas there is a ban on smoking outdoors, so it’s not a good time to be a smoker. Then again, it probably never was, a fact that Everett points out when he sees direct or indirect evidence of smoking in public.

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