We have had a great visit with Grandpa and Grandma Linda for the past few days! Between their arrival on July 4th and departure this morning we managed to pack in quite a few activities.

  • Wednesday: catch fireflies and watch fireworks.
  • Thursday: we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum and saw many exhibits including Posters of Paris, which is a really neat exhibit in it’s own right but also contained a collection of posters featuring naked women and bicycles. It might be difficult to imagine more interesting subject material.
  • Friday: Milwaukee County Zoo. At one point Chris and Everett went to see the dinosaur exhibit while everyone else took a rest in the shade. One funny sight was a macaque cooling his feet in the 100F temperatures.



  • Saturday night we went to Gilles for frozen custard.

We all managed to travel in the same car together during these outings. Chris and Grandpa sat in the front, Melissa and Grandma would sit in the back with Everett in between them. Everett had a great time sitting next to Grandma Linda while the two of them played with magnets, played games and read books.

One night at dinner we were discussing the animals that live near our houses, and whether it is possible to design a squirrel-proof bird feeder. I think the general consensus on this is No. However, Grandpa told a story about a bird feeder at his and Grandma Linda’s house that hangs over the porch and has some empty plastic bottles around the pole to discourage squirrels. The idea is that the bottles are too large for squirrels to hang onto, and they can’t walk over the bottles because they will spin around. One day he came out to find that a squirrel had leaped over the bottles and was hanging onto the bird feeder, gorging himself on bird seed. So he took a stick, smacked squirrel on the bottom and the squirrel ran off and wasn’t seen again, probably until the next morning. Everett thought this has hilarious and asked to hear the story over and over for the next couple days!

On Saturday night we asked Dad to tell stories about when he was a boy growing up on the farm, and it was pretty interesting to hear about the many different jobs he had including milking the cows. It was also a pretty incredible contrast to the life that Everett leads right now.

Safe travels Grandpa and Grandma Linda! Photos of the trip are here.

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