Halloween Plans

Melissa has been slowly introducing Everett to Star Wars, and Everett has started to make sense of the characters. From time to time he will ask questions like “Is Darth Vader bad or good?”, and we have tried to explain to him the changes that some of the characters go through in the course of several movies. After digesting these ideas for a while he said:
“For Halloween this year I want to be Darth Vader.”
“What do you like about Darth Vader?”
“I like his badness. This is what I want to wear:
Chicky hat,
Duck hands,
Dinosaur feet,
And the whole thing is Darth Vader!
And I will sing the nice Darth Vader song (to the tune of the Imperial March):
Da Da Da Duh Da Quack Duh Da Quack.”

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