Clifty Falls 2012

This weekend we made our annual visit to Clifty Falls, Indiana for a multi-family, multi-generational camping trip. This entails four of five days of camping for the Grandpas and three days of camping for the Grandmas, children and grandchildren. The main event for the weekend is to listen to the Indianapolis 500 on a 1980’s era streaming audio device.
Streaming Audio circa 1980
This year was as fun as it has always been. It was also very hot. Daytime temperatures were in the mid to upper 90s. The temperature cooled off a bit at night, but barely enough to allow comfortable sleeping. By Sunday night we were all ready for some serious rest.

Usually we have an entire island of campsites to ourselves. However, this year this year we had to share the island with some interlopers. They seemed to be darn nice people who nonetheless will surely be vanquished in the next Battle of Clifty Falls Campsite Reservations, which takes place at midnight one night in November when the campsite reservation system opens for 2013. The campsite we lost in the island was replaced by another site across the street. This allowed good access to the water spigot, which provided hours of entertainment for everyone but especially for Everett and Bradyon. Highlights this year were the water balloon fight, the marshmallow fight, the water spigot and the pool. Photos and videos of the of the trip are here.

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