Everett has recently started talking about his body as though it is something distinct from the rest of him. A few examples:

“My body just changed it’s mind. I want someone to come upstairs with me.”

After his bedtime: “My body wants to be in your bed.”

“My body wants to play frisbee”

“My body really wants to go to the Great Wolf Lodge”.

“Sometimes after I have one cookie my body tells me it wants another one.”

This is not the first time we have noted that his body seems to like sweets. Recently he started holding his hand in the shape of a circle against his stomach and saying “Even when I’m full, I have a little more room in the shape of a circle for a cookie.” And if that leaves any doubt then here is a picture of the dessert we gave him for his first birthday. We have since been informed that this is a “medium-sized cupcake”.

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