The nominations for the shark name were:

-Bruce (after the shark in Finding Nemo)

-Fin (which could mean a shark fin, or it could be from the French word for “end”, an allusion to what might happen if you meet a shark)

-Sherman (after the shark in Sherman’s Lagoon).

We presented Everett with these choices and asked what name he would like to give the shark.


“Momma the shark?”


“Is that because the shark reminds you of Momma or because you like the name?”

“I like the name.”

So Momma the Shark is the newest member of the household.


Other recent quotes and events:

-“I love you 150 lbs”

-It is sometimes disconcerting to hear a three year shout commands like:¬†“Keep your slimy webbed phalanges off my boots!” or “Stay out of my peripheral vision!”¬†However, Everett loves to memorize movie quotes, and that’s how they say it in Rango.

-At times Everett’s communication is so forthright it leaves no room for interpretation. A couple weeks ago we were encouraging him to eat dinner by trying to feed him with a spoon and he said “I’m not a baby any more so stop treating me like one!” Noted.

-A girl at the playground recently asked if she could talk to Kyra, Everett replied “She’s not talkable.”

-There are times when Everett is difficult to discipline because he is irresistible. The other night it was about 9:30, and hour and half after his bedtime, and he was still wide awake in bed looking at books. I (Chris) put my head in his room to see what he was up to. He patted the pillow next to him and said “Dada do you want to snuggle with me? I have a snuggly spot right here!” As a parent I should have told him it was way past his bedtime and time to go to sleep. Instead I lay down next to him and “rested” for a while, which consisted primarily of low-key roughhousing until it was two hours past his bedtime and he was no closer to sleep. Then I gave him the proper parental response.

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