Everett seems to have acquired food tastes from both Chris and Melissa. Like Chris, he loves sweets in almost any form (ice cream, candy, cookies, cake, cupcakes, etc) and always has room for them even when he claims to be full. And even after dessert there is always room for chocolate! He also loves savory snacks like olives and capers, which Melissa prefers over sweets. As a parent it is somewhat puzzling how Everett has grown as much as he has based on watching his eating habits. Left to his own preferences, I think that most of his meals would consist of about 5 capers and 10 salt crystals, and I’m talking about tiny grains of table salt, not even the large salt crystals that come from the south of France. He has never been a child with much of an appetite, which is compounded by the fact that his curiosity seems to overpower his need for food or sleep.

Everett has also taken a lot of interest in capers of a different type. We have had many adventures on the Bakfiets during which Chris pedals and Everett points which direction to take. During a bike ride yesterday we found a new trail under a bridge near our house, then stopped for a while to determine if the clouds were moving and whether we could jump high enough to catch them. His imagination has grown dramatically over the last year. In addition to his family and friends he is also surrounded by a cast of characters with different personalities, some embodied in stuffed animals and some exist in the form of the many movie quotes that he has memorized and acts out. Popular recent examples are from Rango and Tangled. Here is a rendition from the latter.

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