As of today Melissa and Chris have been married six years. It has been a fantastic adventure, full of twists and turns that neither of us anticipated. As it turns out, our six year anniversary will certainly be memorable but not necessarily something we want to repeat. Melissa’s dissertation must be delivered to her committee today. She has been working day and night for months to prepare for this and the latest forecast was that she would submit this morning. However, that prediction didn’t take into account the fact that Microsoft Word is good for small documents like recipes but not so great at managing long documents. The pagination and reference management necessary for a dissertation were too much for Word to handle, and after several hours of struggling with pagination followed by about 12 hours of wrangling references Melissa had to start with a clean document and redo everything. I could provide all the references here to bring our readers up to date but I’m not going to because, let’s be honest, you and I are unlikely to read these papers and even if we did she is the expert on this material so why not just ask her? That’s what we’ll do. Current estimated time of completion is 10:30pm. Viva La Indoctrination!


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