Foamy Brine

Everett does not seem to be a kid who needs much sleep these days. We usually put him down at 8pm and he spends an hour or two playing by himself in the igloo tent on his bed. Lately he has been waking up around 6:30am, which we know because he starts singing Oh My Darling, Clementine. We’re not sure where he first learned this song, perhaps it was from Gabby, but we do know that he loves to sing and expand his vocabulary. The other night we were watching the Oceans documentary and he asked “Is that the foamy brine?”, a phrase that we can safely guess he learned from Clementine. Similarly, we aren’t sure where he is learning the pronunciation of some words but we do know that it is something he feels strongly about. A few days ago Chris asked him if he wanted any apricots (ap-ri-kots) and he replied “They are apricots (ey-pri-kot)”. We are guessing he will enjoy Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation once he gets older.

We recently tried to incorporate his love of singing with some behavior modification. As he gets older we have been working more and more on cooperation, as well as the consequences of not cooperating. We even tried inventing a cooperation song to the tune of Conjunction Junction (though this has not really taken off yet). One time of day that has been a persistent problem for cooperation has been getting dressed. He claims that he doesn’t know how to get dressed, though we know this isn’t true because we have seen him do it and because he does it at school. And when Chris helps him get dressed he is often extremely squirmy. After being frustrated by this for a while we eventually concluded that he wasn’t trying to be uncooperative, he was just enjoying the physical contact, and so pajama wrestling was born. Basically it’s the new roughhousing: Chris tries to get Everett’s pajamas off and then wrangle him into his clean clothes, or vice versa at bedtime. We’ll try to post a video of this soon.

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  1. Life is a series of learning experiences…no matter how old we become.
    We can’t wait to see the pajama wrestling video.

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