The rate at which Everett is cataloging information is now so rapid we think it would be impossible to measure. We observe this in several ways. One is how he fearlessly adds new words and phrases to his vocabulary. Lately he has been hearing things in movies and at school and trying them out in everyday conversation:

“I told you kids, stay out of my butt!” He started saying this last week to the other kids when he arrived at preschool in the morning. It took us a day or two but we figured out that it’s a quote from Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story 3.

“I’m stressed out at school.” He started saying this at dinner when we asked him how his day went. So far he has not been able to identify what he is stressed out about.

“There are funny kids at school but I am by far the funniest.” This was a self-observation at another dinner conversation. On a related subject, his teacher told us that he sometimes “holds court” at preschool. While the other children are seated he stands up and talks for 15 minutes at a time on a wide range of subjects.


Another way he is cataloging information is by figuring out how things in the world behave and fit together:

“Daddy, we don’t usually sit on tables”, when Chris was sitting on the coffee table in the living room.

“This is from the Sound of Music”, during a Barbara Streisand rendition of A Few of My Favorite Things. We have no idea how he knows this.

“Ms. Erin, we don’t give wine to children.” Ms. Erin at preschool asked one of the girls if she wanted cheese with her whine, and was immediately admonished by Everett.


Lastly, Everett has demonstrated a remarkable memory:

A couple weeks ago Everett gave Dad four crayons to hold onto. Chris put them in the pocket of his jacket and that night threw them in the crayon bin at home. Several days later Everett asked for the crayons back, so Chris quickly grabbed four from the bin, put them in his pocket and them handed them to Everett. Everett glanced at them and said “Dad, those aren’t the right crayons.” Seriously?!?

In the last few days he has brought up story lines from books that we checked out of the library over a year ago including the book about Sam going to bed and the book about birthday for cow where he wants a turnip instead of a cake. Sorry but the titles escape me right now. There are many other examples we plan to add to this list. Unfortunately, our memory is not as good as Everett’s so it’s going to take us a while to recall them…

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