Friday Harbor Day 5

Everett awoke about 7ish this morning and called us the same way he does at home: “Mama, Dada, I’m awaaaaaaaaake. Come pick me uuuuuuuup.” It’s not possible via text alone to express the intonations of his voice, but it’s pretty funny. What is also funny is that when he sleeps at home we put a gate on his door to keep him from wandering out of his room during the night. He is completely capable of climbing over the gate, and on a couple occasions he has pushed it off the door (it’s only held in place by friction), so it isn’t doing very much as a physical barrier. However, he respects it and even uses improper gate alignment as a procrastination technique before bedtime. At our FHL house there is no barrier on his door at all. Yet when he calls us in the morning he won’t come into our room until we tell him to. I guess he likes having a system, and in that regard he is a lot like his Mom :).

The weather was beautiful today. It was also a pretty productive day with regard to work. Melissa and Chris went for a short hike at lunch.

After school the three of use went for a hike before dinner. We started on the trails leading north, then turned east and went down to the water to explore the rocks.

Dinner was grilled cheese (at Everett’s request). He ate a standard one while Mom and Dad had fancy ones made with bacon, pear slices and strawberry jelly. Surprisingly delicious, but next time we will probably try a different kind of jelly like fig or currant.

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