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A few days ago was the annual Kavanaugh block party (photo above).  It’s pretty much what you would expect for a block party: close the road and fill the empty space with tables, chairs, grills, a keg and a potluck buffet.  Then sit and visit with the neighbors.  But there were also some things you might not expect, like last year’s frozen t-shirt contest (a race among the children to see who was the fastest at donning a t-shirt that has been soaked, folded and frozen solid), or the annual dog race.  As far as I know the latter was Dan Johnson’s idea, the same person who made national news for holding a pie fight with one of his high school buddies in the field behind our house.  The dog race used to consist of lining the dogs up (sort of), throwing a ball down the street and seeing who retrieved it first.  But the improved version of the race is to first find a hedgehog such as this one:

then attach it to a rope and reel it in on a motorized drum.  The winner of this year’s race was a rookie named Sprout who made up for his shorter legs with pure focus and tenacity, as you can see from the video below.  He won all heats and all race categories.

And speaking of sprouting, Everett took his first steps today!  We would love to have a movie of this as well but he rarely performs things on demand, especially when the video camera is running.  We’ll keep trying.  In the meantime here is a movie showing one of his other new tricks.

At the end of this video you can hear him correctly identify “bike”, which is a perfect segue into the next blog entry on Words…

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