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Tonight we visited the Harley Davidson Museum for Bike Night, which is a Thursday night tradition during the summer with live music and outdoor food and beer.  This was our first time to the museum and the other visitors were mostly what we expected: lots of black leather, ZZ Top hair and custom motorcycles.  Oddly, there were also a fair number of families with small children and ours was certainly not the only stroller.  The museum grounds are beautiful, with lots of wide open space and riverfront along the Menomonee River.  The statue in the photo above is the centerpiece of the pedestrian plaza.  Tonight was also the christening of the Milwaukee Fire Department’s new boat the Trident (you have to travel a fair bit farther north before they become boots):

And here is the boat with black and orange water cannons as a tribute to the Harley Davidson colors:

We ate at MOTOR, the museum restaurant, which in addition to upscale biker food serves Motor Oil (dark beer) and Motor Gasoline (amber beer).  Both were pretty spicy.  The former was heavy but somewhat sweet, almost like molasses.  The best part was that all drafts are $2 on Thursday nights.  Sitting in the restaurant also allowed me to reflect on several questions I’ve thought about since we moved here such as:

-What is the demographic of Harley riders in Milwaukee?  My observation so far is successful men, post-midlife crisis.

-Will we get a Harley someday if we stay in Milwaukee?  If so, will we wear helmets even though they aren’t required in Wisconsin?

-How would people react if I rode the Pugsley to bike night?  Motorcyclists and bicyclists tend not to be kindred spirits, but Harley riders might feel some affinity for the Pug as long as I’m not wearing spandex.

Everett enjoyed the events but eventually got bored and went for a crawl along the river…

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