Beach Week

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Chris grew up in Maryland, and during most summers he would visit the beach with his family.  We occasionally traveled south, but most often we vacationed at the Delaware beaches.  This year we kept the tradition going by traveling to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Our first couple days at the beach were pretty eventful.  We celebrated Father’s Day with Eileen and Sean and Kathy and Dillon and Connor.  For dinner we ate steak, shrimp potatoes and peppers cooked on he grill; Sean even ate some grilled veggies.  Everett got his first fat lip when he fell onto the footboard on the bed; thankfully this was almost gone in about 24 hours.  He tried beach custard for the first time, which is different from Wisconsin custard, and which he developed an immediate preference for.  He also tried boardwalk french fries for the first time but did not immediately take to them, perhaps because salt and vinegar fries are an acquired taste, especially in the concentrations used by his parents.  The highlight so far was his first trip to the beach.  After talking with other parents we knew that children can have a variety of reactions toward the water.  Everett’s was to make a beeline for the ocean, roar at the waves when they came in and wave to people while waiting for the next one.

It took a couple days for us to get into a rhythm with the kids, and to adjust to the fact that we just can’t fit as many things in a day when we are on vacation with them.  But once we figured it out the week went really smoothly.  We had great weather, and surprisingly none of the kids got sunburned.

Photos and videos of the trip are here.

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