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Several blog entries ago I talked about how Everett’s body composition was mostly milk and cheese, especially by the time we returned from Switzerland.  However, in recent months it has slowly changed to Cheerios, since this seems to be the only food he will eat consistently and will eat at almost any time, even when he is full or doesn’t seem interested in his regular food.  When given the chance he will grab fistfuls of them and eat them the way cookie monster eats cookies, with about half of them reaching his mouth and the other half getting dropped in all the commotion.  Once he slows down he will eat them one at a time, and his teeth have become long enough that he can carefully bite each Cheerio in half, which is curiously entertaining to watch.  Hopefully this will all pay off during his next cholesterol test.

When he is not in the mood to eat he makes it clear by turning his head and lifting his shoulder and arm as the baby spoon is on the way to his mouth.  But even at these times he is always interested in what we are eating, and he has a wide-eyed look of wonder on his face as we feed him bites of food from our plates.  In the process of doing this we have discovered two foods that trump Cheerios, something that we certainly didn’t expect, though perhaps should have suspected knowing our own preferences: barbeque pork and barbeque chicken.  This also reminded us of the time we were eating dinner with his cousin Trinity, who was about four and spontaneously declared in a deep, throaty voice: “I love pork!”  Fortunately he likes other things from the grill as well, including his veggies.  We certainly hope this lasts and that he becomes an adventurous eater.

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