Cleveland Crawl

This week we travelled to Cleveland and noted two accomplishments:

1. For the first time we travelled as a family with no checked bags, which feels like a significant accomplishment with a baby.

2. After much consternation, Melissa successfully delivered her dissertation proposal.  No revisions!

While we were in town we stayed with Marcy and Walter and their son Augie who is a little older than Everett.  It was a short but great trip.  Marcy and Walter were wonderful hosts and feted us with a dinner table full of friends both nights we were in town.  Augie crawls and pulls himself to his feet, and perhaps this motivated Everett to give some new things a try, which we first observed at the Cleveland airport while waiting for our flight home (see video below).  Everett’s attitude about crawling until now has been…unhurried.  He has been rolling for quite a while, and lately has taken a lot of interest in standing.  This time we observed him kick, spin, get up on his hands and knees, and finally scoot across the floor.

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