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Everett is now on a regular schedule for semi-solid food: one meal in the morning and one in the evening, usually rice/barley/oat cereal plus one fruit plus one veggie.  During the first few meals he would grimace at new foods, something we tried to capture with the camera but now he hasn’t done it in weeks – he happily eats just about everything.  He has also grown two bottom front teeth which he uses to crunch on rice puffs.  He seems fascinated by this newfound ability and the crunchy sounds, less so by eating the puffs.

Lately he seems to get a fair amount of entertainment from watching me and Melissa.  A few days ago he went into a fit of shoulder-shaking belly laughs at my reaction to a particularly messy diaper.  Our neighbor Dan (the same neighbor of pie fight fame) reported that one of his sons walked up to him many years ago and said “Dad, poop is funny”.  And apparently it is.  Or maybe this is only true for boys – we haven’t yet been able to perform a control experiment.

Lastly, for those of you who haven’t met our dog Kyra, let’s just say that she is extremely independent and treats the adults in the house with a certain amount of disdain.  However, she adores children and seems to have an infinite amount of patience with them.  Everett has now reached the age where he recognizes her and interacts with her.  We are trying to teach him gentle hands, but in the meantime Kyra doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by him grabbing her jowls or ears.

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