Everett has developed a busy social schedule for someone who is only 6 months old.  He has several standing engagements each week, along with several special ones now that the holidays are approaching.  His latest appearance was at a neighborhood party last weekend at the local ice skating rink, which also happens to be home to the Wauwatosa Curling Club (as an aside, curling could be Chris’ last chance to get into the Olympics, but this will be left for a future blog entry).  Part of his busy schedule is because there are many families on the block with young children.  But the real reason is that our new neighbors on Kavanaugh Place are an extremely social group of people with a tradition of community get togethers that was going strong by the time we arrived.  One recent get together made the national news.  It turns out that our neighbor Dan Johnson decided to fulfill a promise he made 32 years ago and have a pie fight with a friend from high school.  Others before me have described this in much more detail, so I will leave you with Jim Stengl’s story in the Journal Sentinel and the CBS News video below.

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