So it turns out that not only is Wauwatosa where the beautiful people live, it’s also the only place in the world where you can buy Schlitz.  That’s right, for a limited time the beer that made Milwaukee famous is available at the grocery store around the corner from our house.  Remember the 1960s?  Without going into too much detail, let’s just agree that those were wild times, back in the days before political correctness and aerobics, when real men drank real beer.  And keep in mind that this is the original 1960s recipe, not the Schlitz that was later reformulated for tofu and fern bars, a move that ultimately led to its demise.  The only thing amiss so far is that Schlitz is now only available in bottles, which seems…wrong.  Schlitz was meant to be in a can, but I will defer to Dad and Cress as the experts on this issue.  Perhaps the marketers are trying to upscale it, taking advantage of the fact that people who drank it in the 1960s are (hopefully) finished with college and can afford bottled beer now.  In any case, I invite each of you to visit us and have a Schlitz, taking some time to recall the last time you had one (or took one without your Dad finding out).  I had one with dinner last night and it was surprisingly good, though the sleep deprivation from travel and baby might be a confounding factor.

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