Hypothesis Testing

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We have continued to catalog more and more firsts for Everett such as his first dissertation meeting (1.5 months), first batch of homebrew (2 months) and his first particle collider (3 months).  But with two parents who work in medical research, we are proudest of his first hypothesis and subsequent testing of this hypothesis, even if he can’t express it in PHS 398 format.  For the first three months of his life he slept in a cradle, the type that can rock back and forth or can be kept stationary with feet that flip over the rockers.  But the feet don’t sit perfectly flat on the floor so the cradle can still wobble back and forth a small amount.  Everett figured this out pretty quickly, and more importantly he determined that by thrusting both of his legs out at once he could cause the cradle to move and the mobile attached to his cradle to shake, which caused the animals on the mobile to swim around above him.  By inference, he hypothesized that he could use his legs to move everything else in the world, and he would test this whenever the conditions were right, namely he was fed and clean and warm and happy and free of all the other administrative duties that come with being a researcher, which thankfully leaves him with a fair amount of time.  So he would kick his legs to make the trees move, the car, the stroller, etc, and he seemed delighted with himself whenever it worked.  But as with most research what initially appeared to be a fascinating question quickly becomes mundane, and you move on to other more exciting things.  He is becoming increasingly aware of the world around him and has decided that it is much more interesting than sleep.  As a result, the length and frequency of his naps have diminished drastically, to the chagrin of his parents, who are sleeping less and less but are buoyed by experiencing their own firsts.  I will never forget the first time he looked my in the eyes and spoke to me at our old house in Cleveland, or the first time he laughed for me at the hotel in Interlaken.  We continue to observe his ability to exert more and more control over himself and the environment around him.  And we are looking forward to his first camping trip, first snow and first holiday season.

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