Do Not Look Under the Cheese

During my life I have used many foods as a vehicle for peanut butter, but it turns out that cheese works just as well, though requires a bit more work.  While some cheeses are good at room temperature, some of the really stinky ones like Raclette and Tomme can smell pretty unpalatable until you melt them under a hot lamp and make the top a little crunchy, at which point they are transformed into something with only a faint resemblance to their pre-heated state.  This is something that Sean figured out years ago when he used to melt Velveeta on his veggies, a behavior that may have been a coping mechanism after he was attacked by a broccodile at a young age and developed an aversion to anything green.  At any rate, while in Switzerland we began to appreciate what a great approach this is to eating.  We ate prodigious amounts of cheese: it was eventually integrated into every meal of the day.  We ate it for breakfast with Rosti, for lunch with bread and meat and for dinner with just about everything else.  Starting with the premise that you are what you eat, then by extrapolation we can assume that Everett is what Melissa eats.  Based on this we have calculated that his body composition is currently 8% Gruyere, 9% Raclette, 1% Tomme, 6% fondue, 2% each Appenzeller and Emmentaler, 3% Roquefort, 1.5% Pont l’Eveque and 1% Swiss air, keeping in mind that this might include some French air that blew across the border.  And speaking of Everett, it is probably about time this blog returned to him to discuss some recently developed behaviors such as…

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