Abatement Recipes

Here are the top three abatement recipes submitted by our readers*.


Amy provided a wealth of useful comments on every single ingredient on the abatement list, such as “cocoa powder should be used to make brownies, but I’m afraid that you will succumb to the temptation to add walnuts to those brownies, and that really is a terrible, mean, awful thing to do to a brownie.”  As for the Peeps, she suggested Rice Krispy treats.  However, we don’t have any Rice Krispies, and buying new ingredients is forbidden, so we substituted Fruity Cheerios and cooked the Peeps in butter before mixing them.  The result: a colorful, crunchy, fruity medley.  They were actually quite good, and not as weird as they sound.  We ate all of them, save the one that we mailed to Amy.

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Momzpacho or Gazmocko

Amanda submitted the following recipe which gets extra points for using multiple ingredients off of the abatement list:

Chill the V8 JUICE.  Chop up tomatoes, cucumbers, OLIVES – add to JUICE with olive oil and vinegar (if available).  Voila, you have mock gazpacho.

We have not yet tried this.  Chris is not fond of V8 juice or liquid tomatoey things, other than ketchup in prodigious quantities, so Melissa and Everett will have to judge.


Melissa came up with this recipe to be eaten with chips and, of course, whatever else can be found.  Ingredients: broccoli, a can of peas, avocado, lemon juice, garlic, tomatoes.  Put them all in a food processor and convert to mush.  The result: surprisingly good.  The texture is similar to guacamole, and the garlic and lemon juice are pretty important to give it some zing.  The vegetable taste is certainly not overpowering.  However, keep in mind that we are vegetable eaters to begin with, and not everyone in our circle of friends and family feels the same way.  For example, one relative who we will call “Sean” for the purposes of this blog, has culinary preferences which are mostly limited to the brown/beige layer of the food pyramid.  This is because he is a “supertaster”, and therefore cannot eat vegetables without being overcome by the taste of all those phytonutrients, although it does not explain how he can eat hot wings, but this is a bit of a digression.  So we are not sure if he would eat guacamole, but if so he would certainly eat broccamole.  That’s how good it is.  In the past we successfully got him to eat vegetable amalgam without his consent by making it look like sausage, so just to be on the safe side we will add brown food coloring before serving it to him.

*We only had three entries.

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