This time of year it’s dark outside by around 4pm. And since neither Chris nor Melissa are crazy about the idea of Everett riding home with Chris after dark on the Bakfiets, we’ve worked out a system where Chris drops him off at preschool in the morning and Melissa picks him up in the evening. This has been fine so far because it’s been an unusually warm December and the canopy on the Bakfiets is quite effective, so we haven’t yet felt that it was too cold for cycling. However, during summer months Dad and E would stop at a playground to “get some wiggles out” before coming home, and it now seems that without this extra playtime E is coming home with a LOT of energy to burn off. We’re not sure what they do at school in terms of physical activity but he certainly needs more than he is getting. This is what wiggles look like. Please not that they are difficult to capture on film even with good lighting and fast shutter speeds:

Everett seems to understand this and points out parts of his body where he sees a wiggle that needs to get out. We have tried to reduce them by providing more time for roughhousing, and have been moderately successful if you don’t count the time he fell off our bed. But roughhousing alone is not enough, so we are now planning to add other evening activities like swim class, bowling and perhaps ice skating. We will report back on how successful we are at reducing the disparity in energy levels at the end of the day: Mom and Dad want to rest and relax while E is running at full speed.

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