Everett’s speech has developed dramatically over the past year, and his pronunciation is generally quite good, except for a few words that he either hasn’t quite mastered or has invented. Here is a nearly comprehensive list of malapropisms that we have assembled.

gnnkn = milk. This was his name for milk when he was an infant. We haven’t heard it for quite a while but this is what it sounded like:

grinilla = granola or sometimes gorilla. For example, the other night when Melissa brought him home from daycare (he now goes to daycare two days a week so that she can make some progress on her dissertation), he recalled that Chris took a granola bar to work that morning. So as soon as Chris opened the door to the car Everett asked “Daddy, was your grinilla bar tasty?!?”

mookus = music

lellow = yellow

pooputer = computer (or at least it used to).

puddup = pudding

Nutellup = Nutella

skazaweez = calories. This is a line from Ice Age 3 that took us a while to figure out. Everett started saying “You don’t need those skazaweez!” and we had no idea what he was talking about until we heard it ourselves and realized he meant calories. We corrected him, and it’s great that he now correctly pronounces calories, though this is a little awkward when he sees friends or other family members eating and exclaims “You don’t need those calories!’

huggle = hug + snuggle

particklish = particular + ticklish. Or maybe ticklish in a particular place. He changes subjects quickly so it’s hard to keep up…

highlight = twilight. As in ”highlight turtle“ instead of ”twilight turtle“

bodies = breasts. This was a term he started using while nursing and hasn’t outgrown yet.

comfortable = comforter

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