Everett has started taking a great interest in babies. Some time ago he started identifying them in public, which seems to be a popular activity for a lot of babies and toddlers. Then he started calling his stuffed blue bear “son” and putting his stuffed animals to bed before he went into his crib. Recently he has adopted Melissa’s nightgown as his baby that he has to take care of. He puts the nightgown baby down for a nap and tells us to talk quietly when he is sleeping. He also puts the baby under his shirt or pajamas, tells us he is pregnant, and demonstrates when baby nightgown is born with great celebration.

A few weeks ago at dinner Everett asked “Do I have a brother?” And when we answered he followed up with “Can you get me one?” Friends and family (and even some strangers) have begun to ask similar questions. All we can say right now is that we are open to the idea but we don’t know what might happen or when.

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