Mah Na Mah Na

The new Muppets movie came out recently, and this is the first movie we have watched together as a family in the theater. We went to the 10:20am showing on Sunday morning, reasoning that there wouldn’t be too many people and those who did show up would also have children and would therefore be more tolerant of talking and running around (we were right on all counts). Everett did really well and sat for almost the whole two hours including 30 minutes of previews that were too long for everyone. The movie was as nostalgic as we expected and included a lot of old favorites like the Rainbow Connection and the Muppets rendition of Mah Na Mah Na. If you don’t know this song then be forewarned that it is unbelievably catchy and will likely be difficult to purge from your mind. So don’t watch this video, or if you do then turn the sound off:

Since then Everett has started singing the song. This morning Everett and Chris sang a Mah Na Mah Na duet for about 30 minutes during the bike ride to school. As Chris started to lose his mind from the repetitive nature of the song and from oxygen deprivation caused by singing while pedaling the Bakfiets, he became more and more creative with his verses. Everett thought this was hysterical and just wanted to sing more…next time maybe Chris will do his Grinch imitation.

Speaking of singing, Everett’s favorite song at the moment is The Edge by Lady Gaga.

Other favorites are Marry You by Bruno Mars and Turn the World Around by Harry Belafonte (with the Muppets).

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