Friday Harbor Day 26

The trip is starting to wind down. Melissa and Chris have both had thoughts that despite how beautiful it is here, it will be nice to be home again as well. Chris has a couple of grant applications due and working on them has been are reminder of some of the urgent things that are awaiting us when we return. Yesterday there was a going away party for Everett at Alphabet Soup, which was done a little early so that his teacher Jamie could attend (she will be gone Thursday and Friday).

We are starting to plan the final activities we want to do before leaving including the Whale Museum and seeing if we can meet Popeye the seal at the marina. We haven’t yet seen an orca but are still hopeful.

Here are a few final creatures from the dock, including some neat nighttime footage of a crab eating, a pair of nudibranchs side by side (Dirona pellucida and Hermissenda crassicornis) and our first sighting of a Diaulula sandiegensis.

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