August 2014


One of the people from Wisconsin who we are going to miss the most is Molly. She was the first non-family member to babysit Everett, and the first time we met her she listened patiently as we explained the elaborate routine that needed to be followed to put our 4 month old son to bed. Nevermind that she had more childcare experience than both of us. She started watching Everett on a semi-regular basis and we quickly grew to trust her. It was also clear that Everett considered it a special treat if Molly was coming over. She helped us through many transitions including the times when Chris was traveling and the period when Melissa was finishing her dissertation. When the twins were born she immediately helped us take care of them without getting flustered (which we often were). We have never seen Molly get flustered.

Over time Molly became a part of our family. She has been a part of birthdays and celebrations and has seen more of the inner workings of our household than many of our relatives. When we were making the transition to Utah it was hard to imagine how we might pull it off without her help, so we asked her to come with us. She flew to Salt Lake and we picked her up at the airport the day after we arrived. She lived with us for two weeks and helped care for everyone as we moved in. She endured sleeping on the floor until our furniture arrived, the spider infestation in our house and all manner of other inconveniences.

We feel thankful that Molly became a part of our lives and we hold her in very high regard. We miss you Molly!

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