November 2013


A couple years ago Everett realized that some of the animals he loves are also animals that we eat, chickens among them. We feel confident that his concern would be accentuated if the chickens were ours to begin with, an idea that is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Despite the fact that we have virtually no knowledge of how to raise them (after several advanced degrees neither Chris nor Melissa know whether chickens can fly or not), it seems like it can’t be that difficult as long as we keep predators away (mostly coyotes and dogs, we think). And more importantly our town has recently allowed homeowners to keep chickens during a trial period. As of October, it appears that four Tosa residents have permission to keep them, among them a woman named “Fowler”.

On a distantly related subject, Grandaddy is now known as Chopped Liver, as in “Are Gabby and Chopped Liver coming to visit us?” This came about because when Everett was younger he would direct most questions and attention to Gabby. After one particularly large hug for Gabby, Grandaddy waited for his, and when it wasn’t forthcoming he said, “What am I…chopped liver?”…the name stuck and he got his hug. Of course, as we all now know, chopped liver is delicious, so it is a badge of honor.

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